#SleepOutToHelpOut campaign extended due to success


Recapping over a crippling 18 months since the COVID-19 pandemic begun, Providence Hospitality is proud of the victories that it has achieved during this time including the ongoing success of its #SleepOutToHelpOut campaign.

More than a year ago the full-service hospitality management company launched its #SleepOutToHelpOut campaign, which aimed to raise awareness about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the hospitality sector and to bring a sense of community urgency to South African and UK residents to support local hospitality businesses in their respective communities. The campaign was roughly based on the UK’s “Eat Out to Help Out” campaign, which encouraged British residents out of their homes and back into their local restaurants to help these business recoup the losses that they had experienced

“It’s very simple, by booking a stay at any one of our hotels you are not only booking a holiday for yourself but you are also enabling us to continue to employ our dedicated staff who will in turn be able to continue to provide for their families,” explains Providence Hospitality South Africa’s MD, Neil Hughes.

Providence continues to promote the campaign more than a year later through various online and social media platforms, combining the campaign with a combination of attractive accommodation offers aimed at local travellers.

“As the UK’s borders have remained largely closed to non-essential travel this year, our UK properties have performed exceptionally well, owing to the country’s large pent up demand for domestic travel. This, partnered with the UK’s extremely generous furlough scheme, means that this sector of our business has been performing way above our expectations” says UK Director of Operations, Dagmar Jungbauer.

While the situation in South Africa is less positive, with a much smaller population with the means to travel and substantially less government support in place, Providence Hospitality says that it has still received excellent support from its loyal local customers and many new clients. The group reports that many of its South African properties have achieved occupancies levels of more than 60% during the winter months. These are excellent occupancy levels considering the circumstances, says Providence Hospitality.

“Our greatest win however, is undoubtedly the fact that Providence Hospitality and our entire portfolio of hotels have managed to make it through this period without a single retrenchment,” concluded Neil.