Providence Launches SleepOut2HelpOut Campaign

SleepOut2HelpOut Campaign by Providence Hospitality

WHY support the SleepOut2HelpOut initiative? 


The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the tourism and hospitality industry on a global scale. Everyone has been affected in some way, shape or form — we can just accept what is happening or we can tell our story and ask for assistance in our own special way.

As custodians of the South African hospitality sector, we will not stand for this obliteration of our tourism community and this campaign is a response to the many jobs and livelihoods that have been lost during this time. Hotels and lodging facilities are intrinsic to their local communities and just about every hotel chain or group has its staff at the centre of their service delivery promise to their guests.


It’s now time for the industry to pool our resources, networks, and sense of community to start living our values to assist those in our industry that have temporarily lost their jobs and sense of purpose. We will do whatever it takes to get our colleagues working again in the industry we all helped to build. We will not leave anyone behind!

WHAT are we doing? 

Based on the UK’s “Eat Out to Help Out” campaign, where Providence Hospitality operates more than 10 Hotels, we decided to bring that sense of community urgency to South Africa and have launched the “Sleep Out 2 Help Out” domestic accommodation and tourism campaign which is aimed at bringing people back to work again, with the help of our loyal and future guests.

HOW can you help? 

It’s very simple, by booking a stay with any one of our hotels you are enabling us to bring back our dedicated staff to assist in servicing your needs, while also helping them to continue providing for their families.

Your support in this domestic accommodation and tourism campaign will be met with the absolute passion, value, and quality service delivery that you have been accustomed to when staying at our various properties around South Africa.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to welcoming you all very soon!