Revenue Optimization Workshop 2020



11h30: Arrival & Registration
12h00: Opening and Welcome (Neil Hughes)

Market Update (Neil speaks with Rishabh Thapar Director of
HVS and Kamil Abdul-Karrim of Pam Golding Tourism & Hospitality Consulting on the state of our sector)

  • The state of our current market with a focus on the Cape Winelands and Western Cape.
  • Domestic Travel trends and what do we do until Inbound Foreign Travel returns?

Visit Stellenbosch! (Jeanneret Momberg  and Annemien Kotze of Visit Stellenbosch)

  • Introduction to the platform
  • The impact of the Support Stellenbosch campaign run in September 2020

Independent Hotel Operations & Adding Value post COVID (Neil in discussion with Emile Langenhoven – GM of The Lanzerac,
Neill Baird - Independent Hotel Consultant and Chantelle Mogg of Represent Marketing)

  • How to be the destination of choice both foreign and domestic
  • Selling, Marketing & Collaborating post COVID
  • Pivoting your product
  • Budgeting and forecasting today for tomorrow (short to medium term)
  • Maintaining a strong focus online will ensure your success and longevity
  • Staff training & development
  • Regaining consumer confidence

Hotel Technology (Liam Alexander speaks with Eben Marais - MD of Ankerdata Hospitality)

  • Trends during and post COVID that are important to know
  • There’s a lot of tech out there… what is worth looking at?
  • How have and should online strategies change?

Revenue Optimization (Neil speaks with Garreth Crawford, founder of House Revenue and Derek Martin, founder of TrevPAR World)

  • How to adapt and evolve post COVID
  • Managing your inventory and rate strategies effectively

Boutique Hotel & Guest House Valuations (Neil discusses this hot topic with Peter Bruil, Managing Director of Pam Golding Lodges & Guest Houses and Kamil Abdul-Karrim, Managing Director of Pam Golding Tourism & Hospitality Consulting)

  • Evaluating your individual risks and potential returns
  • Valuation principles – Market related vs Owner expectations
  • Sourcing buyers and investors post COVID

Closing Remarks and Q&A


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Date: 14 October 2020

TIME: 11h30

VENUE: The Lanzerac Hotel & Spa, Stellenbosch

RSVP: 07 October 2020

Light finger snacks and refreshments will be served

Neil Hughes 

Managing Director 

Providence Hospitality SA



In Conversation With: 


Liam Alexander

Online Sales & Marketing Manager

Providence Hospitality

Emile Langehoven

General Manager

Lanzerac Hotel & Spa

Kamil Abdul-Karrim

Managing Director 

Pam Golding Tourism & Hospitality Consulting



Jeanneret Momberg


Visit Stellenbosch

Garreth Crawford


House Revenue 

Eben Marais

Eben Marais

Managing Partner

Ankerdata Hospitality

Neill Baird

Independent Hotel Advisor


Rishabh Thapar

Rishabh Thapar


HVS ‘s MEA Team


Chantelle Mogg

Chantelle Mogg


Represent Marketing 


Bonne Esperance

Annemien Kotzé

Visit Stellenbosch



Peter Bruil

Peter Bruil

Managing Director 

Pam Golding Lodges & Guesthouses 



Derek Martin

Derek Martin

Founder & CEO

TrevPAR World



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Visit Stellenbosch