Focus Future Forward

Independent Hospitality Optimisation Forum 2022

The independent hospitality space has been hit hard over the past 2-years and it’s now time for us all to pick up the pieces and FOCUS, FUTURE, FORWARD! Come and join us and hear from trusted independent hospitality professionals about what the key areas are that they are focusing on as they gear up for the new hospitality world we all find ourselves in today.

01 June 2022

Revenue Optimisation Workshop 2020

Revenue optimisation is one of the buzz phrases within our industry right now but what does it actually mean and how can we implement strategies to achieve this? Our panel of experts will be taking you through some keys in order to get your business onto its most optimised track…

14 October 2020

Revenue Generation Workshop 2019

The niche hotel sector has often been excluded from gaining further insights into how their specific niche market is performing. In this workshop we will be discussing a number of these very specific niche hotel challenges as well as sharing some best practices that the panel have implemented (or been a part of implementing) and that have seen…

20 November 2019